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Independent European car servicing & repairs by award winning factory trained technicians.


  • 29-07-15


    Oh man, I am not sure why I had never heard of this guy before, I just absolutely loved his work and his team.I know a lot about BMWs and just enjoyed it since he knew exactly what he is talking about. He has more than 30 yrs experience in bimmers and fixes your car way way faster than any other work place. Other workshops in Northshore quoted me 7 hours for a job which he did in 3 hours without replacing the spark plug to fix the brake !!! I will happily continue driving BMW as long as I know he is round somewhere. He checks on his team members constantly to make sure they are on the right track, unlike the last workshop worked on my car and installed bosh and plug covers wrong way. Oh by the way, the courtesy car is BMW too Awesoooooooooooooooome

  • 27-03-15


    “They tried to fix an issue with a throttle body on my VW polo. In the end, their fix never quite worked. Charge was $300. Due to me having to go back a couple of times to sort it, they installed a new throttle body for free. I rang around, cost of new throttle body depending on which model my car is, was between $700 to $1000. For the fiirst time in my life, I actually feel like I have ripped off a garage instead of the other way around.. They specialise in European cars but will fix anything. The owner simply has a heart of gold. I cant recommend them highly enough.”

    “Found out about Burger on this website. Having been looking for a competent mechanic for some time since moving to Takapuna finding Burger was a relief. He is supremely qualified, very personable and professional, he knows engines cars much better than most (in my opinion) and takes it upon himself to explain the how and why of any repair showing parts affected etc. He is a mechanic that I happily recommend to family and friends and would encourage anyone looking for not only a mechanic but a great mechanic to give him and his team a try”

    “My son had a problem with the brakes on his 97 520i, and some testimonials we found about Burger on the web prompted us to take the car to him. I have to say we were really pleased with the diagnosis of the problem, the quick and efficient repairs, and the price seemed more than fair (no gasping or feeling ripped off afterwards). Burger handled it personally and was great to deal with. We will go back again, and happily recommend his services to others.”


  • 26-01-15

    Mercedes Benz

    “I’ve just picked up my car & driven home!! Thank you so much – after a full service with you plus wheel alignment (which also included a valet). I have to say I feel like I’m driving a brand new car!!
    Amazing- thank you”

    Best regards

  • 28-09-16


    “ I've used Burgers Motor Works many times for work needed on my Mercedes. In a nutshell, this team are always totally professional, thorough, not over priced, reliable and always provide me with a courtesy car. They go beyond the call of duty. No problem is to big or too small. They don't muck around, they get straight to the guts of the issue. These are all the reasons why I'll continue to go back. Trust and solutions are everything with these lads. They've even test driven my merc and taken time out of their busy day to come out to my home when the car had a key issue, they referred me on to Auto Safe. It was all dealt with, professionally with ease. Service is always with a smile & great humour which may have otherwise been a stressful day. I come away satisified with work done, feeling safe in my car every time. Five stars. ”

    Hayley Stevenson

  • 23-01-12


  • 18-04-15

    Alfa Romeo

    “To keep the story short, I wouldn’t have confidence to buy a 2002 Alfa 147 in average condition unless I had a mechanic who could fix stuff. All my friends including Gavin who owns an Alfa said “great car but don’t do it”. If I didn’t have a great mechanic I wouldn’t now be smiling and driving my Alfa.”

    Aarron B.

  • 26-03-15


    Archibald & Shorters couldn’t fix my starting problem on my Volvo, but still charged me heaps. Wasted my money yet again with them! So if you own a Volvo, take it to these guys. Burger will fix it properly, and at a fair price, without charging you for replacement items that ‘might’ fix it. If I’d taken my car here in the first place, it would have saved me $2K.

  • 04-03-15


    “The dashboard of my e39 523i (1999) had been displaying the common ABS/Brake/ASC trifecta for a few months but in the last few days, the automatic transmission warning light was also lit up quite frequently while driving. The auto light tended to come on when I was driving uphill, and when it lit up, the transmission seemed to go into emergency mode, and the engine occasionally made rough noises.”

    “I took my car to a non-BMW specialist mechanic, and he replaced the vanos sensor (not sure what that is, I know hardly anything about cars). It cost me nearly $500. This seemed to resolve the auto light issue for a short while but the light came back on.”

    “In addition, the speedometer and odometer did not function – the odo didn’t count up the distance and the speedometer stayed at 0 km/hr.”

    “A friend of mine recommended me to contact the Burger’s Motor Works and I paid a visit to this place on 19 June.”

    “To my surprise, Mr.Burger said that the other repairer did not have to replace the vanos sensor. What a waste of time and money.”

    “He checked out my car and then easily fixed the problems in just 20 mins. He replaced an ABS module and then the ABS/Brake/ASC lights were off instantly. Now, I can have a peace of mind. Thank you Burger!!!”